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A Proven Body Transformation System Backed By Science

The Stoked Method, created by world renowned celebrity trainer Kira Stokes, is a science-backed, form focused, functional flow of movement formula. Every circuit of activity is designed to meticulously advance from one muscle group to the next to build strength, tone and endurance without adding unnecessary strain to the body. Whether you are looking for daily workouts in under 30 minutes, or longer full-body workouts, selections are challenging and high intensity. Mobility and recovery are built into every circuit to prevent injury and keep you from ever having to put progress on hold.

STOKE Your Way To Success

Power your way toward strength, lean muscle mass, and unstoppable endurance.

Laser Sharp Cues & Movements


Form Focused


Teaching, Not Telling

With each workout you will never doubt what you are doing, which direction you are moving in, and when. Kira is a master of cuing to help keep you on track. She'll guide you through the best ways to check your form to maximize the benefits of each workout. Whether opting for a quick blast workout or complete full-body training, you will always finish each workout learning about how your body works instead of just being told to move it.
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I’ve tried everything in the market and I have to say I feel my best after a STOKED workout!

Hannah Bronfman

Kira Stokes’ training method is everything! She changed my body at 40 years old in ways I did not think were still possible. We as individuals have to put in the hard work ourselves, but I didn’t realize how many wasted hours I’d spent in the gym working hard without producing results until I met Kira. She’s not just another celebrity trainer who yells out drills in no particular order to just exhaust your body. Her technique, attention to detail and knowledge of the body is more extensive and defined than her triceps.

Candace Cameron Bure

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I am always a bit hesitant about what I recommend to my patients. Kira Stokes provides workouts for all levels that make sense. Her science backed programs and progressions are clearly based on years of research and experience. The Stoked Method is absolutely game changing for those who want to get strong, see and feel results and most importantly age more gracefully. The Kira Stokes Fit App/On Demand has my full support!

Daniel Giodano, DPT, CSCS

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My life changed forever once I started training with Kira. Her Stoked Method and infectious spirit has helped me get into my best shape, physically and mentally. I’ve never felt better and continue to set and achieve goals injury free. Plus she’s just awesome to be around. I consider it therapy!

Norah O'Donnell

From the moment I met Kira I knew she wasn’t just a regular trainer. She truly understands how the body works and has such knowledge about form and technique, your body will change in ways you didn’t even know were possible. In addition to the actual exercise, Kira is well educated on food and nutrition so you really feel 100% taken care of with her!

Shay Mitchell

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Watch our videos in our app on your mobile phone

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